What integration is next? #inext2010

San Francisco goes crazy as the Giants are marching through the city. In the same time, I'm in Austin, Texas, at IntegratioNEXT 2010, Pervasive Integration User Conference.

I like the conference. It's very well organized (thanks, Lori), great people, excellent talks. If you ask people at other conferences, they tell you it's interesting. Here I hear it's useful, and useful is better than just interesting.

I'm here because we've just announced our partnership with Pervasive. With GoodData connector, you can just take the integration stuff you already have and send your data directly to GoodData platform.

Dashboard in 15 minutes? Not a dream. As Pervasive is now completely in the cloud, it's very easy to make your data actionable. It just makes sense. Data as a Service and Platform as a Service fit together. Read more about it at GoodData blog.

The conference is almost over, and some people say I'd better be home, watching the World Series Champions parade. But believe me, this is not the last time the Champions parade is happening in San Francisco. I tell you that.

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Michael said...

"useful is better than just interesting" -Petr

This is great insight on conferences, but also a good mantra for Business Intelligence.