Hopelessly devoted to metadata

I spend this week in Bratislava, leading metadata management training, couching new metadata experts-to-be, and reviewing existing metadata projects. It's all about metadata in data warehouses.

I begin to meta - I say "meta" a hundred times each day. I see metadata everywhere.

I, to begin my third paragraph with this beautiful pronoun, I try to explain the difference between theory and practice. Usually, people and the projects are concerned about the technical side of the metadata issue. However, the technical part is the easier one.

You can find the real problem in business process. That's why most of the metadata projects fail. They can be at very high technical level but without a proper business flow, they're useless.

Everybody wants to buy a metadata solution. These millions should not be invested to software. Invest them to your people.

Looks like I'm not thinking about metadata, am I?

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